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Feel Good Business

Why Feel Good Business?

Customers feel good about paying a bit more for a product that is helping people in developing countries.  As one of our delicatessen customers recently told us: “Happiness is knowing that you are contributing.  We are united by a common cause. Being good to mankind is good business”

The FAIRMADE group of African food companies, that we promote, manufacture finished products in countries which normally only supply raw materials. This creates added value, much-need skilled manufacturing jobs and supports the economy and communities.

And customers also feel good because we promote products that are naturally healthy and taste great.

"Sustainability" (ie supporting people and the planet) is no longer a niche concern: it has become a driving force, as one in five consumers rank sustainability as a top-three decision criterion, with one in 10 millennials rating sustainability as their most important reason to select food and grocery brands, above even price and quality. It is also expected that 45% of all consumers will be eco-active consumers by 2025. Currently, they are worth $29 billion to the FMCG industry