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FAIRMADE products

FAIRMADE is an industry group consisting of companies who make finished products at the origin of the primary ingredient, creating much more value in countries that have historically exported raw materials. Our Sunshine Nut cashews are part of that group.  We are also promoting other FAIRMADE products from Africa:

Lovegrass  promotes teff, an ancient Ethiopian supergrain. Their mission extends beyond delivering nutritious, gluten-free teff-based food; it's about bridging Ethiopian farming legacy with Western consumers' desire for real, health-conscious foods. With shared passion for teff-based dishes and social responsibility, they forge connections. Lovegrass Ethiopia offers a range of teff-based products, including teff pancake & waffle mix, teff cereals, teff puffs spiced with traditional Ethiopian spices and other teff-based products and ingredients. These products cater to consumers who are looking for tasty gluten-free and nutritious alternatives in their diets.


MIA,  short for Made In Africa, is different from 99% of chocolate in the market. Part of just 1% of the world’s chocolate made start to finish in Africa – the world’s poorest continent and source of 70% of the world’s cocoa – MIA provides local communities sustainable jobs, transfers skills and creates much more revenue than the export of raw cocoa. The entire bean-to-bar chocolate making process – including the roasting, shelling, grinding, tempering and even packaging – takes place at the source of the cocoa in Africa to utilise the freshest and best ingredients. MIA uses its unique approach to make chocolate in Ghana and Madagascar in collaboration with local supply partners

Black Mamba, an African purpose-driven brand offer a range of spicy speciality foods, including their award-winning hot sauces and chilli crunch. The range is manufactured by women in Eswatini using fresh, local ingredients, sourced from a network of smallholder farmers trained in regenerative farming and permaculture techniques. The products only use natural preservatives and no artificial colors or flavors. To date, the direct positive impact of Black Mamba has reached more than 1000 individuals in Eswatini

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