Cape Gooseberries – African Kingdom Superfoods

Cape Gooseberries



Our dried cape gooseberries, known as "Entuntunu" in Uganda, sometimes called golden berries or physalis,  are like a tangy raisin. They are not only good as a healthy snack on their own, but also a great taste enhancer in breakfast cereal or for cakes, particularly good in Lemon Drizzle cake.  They are healthy as they contain a good proportion of vitamin C, more than lemons, so boosting immunity with antioxidants. They contain good levels of iron and vitamin A, which are good for eye health. Due to the presence of phyto-chemicals such as polyphenols and carotenoids, cape gooseberries can also regulate high blood pressure levels. They are also high in calcium and phosphorous, good for bone health. They are low in fat and calories, but contain soluble fibre like fructose, which can be beneficial for diabetics, as well as good for digestion.